Lake Mapping Services

Knowing the facts about your lake or pond is essential for proper management. Exact acreage, depths, and chemistry of your lake are critical factors for making the best decisions. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to properly place structure, deliver appropriate stocking densities, select the correct fish species, apply the exact amount of weed control products required, and gain a better idea where those bass may be hiding!

Common uses for our lake mapping services include: sedimentation and muck control and excavation, volume calculation, recreation maps, habitat and ecology management, watershed management, and fishing maps. The Lake Doctors, Inc. provides the highest quality and most affordable bathymetric mapping system on the market today. If you are serious about maintaining a high-quality lake or pond, ensure that you can make the best decisions by getting your lake mapped by the professionals at The Lake Doctors, Inc.

The Process

To accurately model the contours of a lake, appointing an expert aquatic service provider is mandatory to perform the survey. The Lake Doctors, Inc. recognizes the dynamics of a lake to determine the best transect paths to precisely model the lake’s bathymetry. Our lake mapping system utilizes highly accurate procedures and equipment for data collection. Utilizing sub-foot accurate GPS units and acoustic depth-sounding equipment, our mapping system logs data points for extremely accurate results.

After the data has been skillfully collected in the field, our experienced geographers process the data using customized software programs to create a detailed lake map. This proprietary mapping software provides volume and area calculations, contour lines, 3D visualization, and fly through capabilities. The unique process used to derive this information is the quickest and the most accurate and cost-effective option available today.


Once a lake depth map is generated, a high-quality print can be produced in various sizes, from a small map to carry in your pocket while fishing on the boat to a full-color wall map in your home, cabin, or office. This print shows depth through contour lines or color shades. The Lake Doctors, Inc. provides its customers with a polished, user-friendly end product. Landowners, anglers, and private associations alike will benefit greatly from lake mapping. There are many practical uses for this information, and it’s now an affordable solution with this new technology. Detailed aerial imagery enhances the usefulness and visual appeal of the lake depth map. The proximity of buildings, docks, roads, and other structures can be very helpful in the lake management process.

Additional Information

For a free detailed quote on how a detailed bathymetric survey and can help you and your lake or pond, contact The Lake Doctors today at 1-800-666-5253 or email us at [email protected].

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