Lake Management Program

Man on Boat in a Pond

The Lake Doctors, Inc. will visit any lake, pond, or other waterway to perform a detailed aquatic survey and determine any problems or potential issues. Our lake management specialists will then formulate a prescription that includes practical and economical solutions based upon the needs of our customers and the intended use of the pond or lake. Factors we consider when formulating a custom aquatic management program for your particular lake or pond include issues such as lake algae control and more, which we will determine at the time of our aquatic survey.

These include: types of weeds and algae and their severity, any desirable or beneficial aquatic plants, the size and depth of the waterway, water clarity and color, water flow and source of water (springs, runoff, or impoundment), fish and wildlife present, any current aeration or fountains, water chemistry, oxygen levels, bottom composition (including muck levels), presence of debris or trash, and current (and intended) uses of the lake or pond. From these and other factors, we can suggest the best possible long-term program. In most cases, our programs for your lake or pond will include the following:

  1. A Minimum of 12 (Actual Number can Vary Depending upon Customer Needs & Geographical Locations) Water Inspections & Treatments as Necessary for Control & Prevention of Noxious Aquatic Weeds & Algae
  2. Additional Treatments as May be Required at no Additional Charge to the Customer
  3. Assistance with Permitting for the Stocking of the Weed-Eating Triploid Grass Carp, as Necessary, upon Approval of Designated Government Authority (if Required)
  4. All Water Management Services Provided by State-Certified, Experienced, & Highly Trained Technicians
  5. The Use of the Latest Aquatic Technology, Highly Specialized Equipment, & Sound, Sensible, & Sustainable Environmental Management & Best Management Practices
  6. The Use of EPA-Approved Herbicides & Algaecides in Strict Compliance with State & Federal Guidelines, & that are Safe for the Environment, Harmless to Wildlife, & Effective
  7. Preservation & Nurturing of Beneficial Native Aquatic Plants to Create & Maintain an Ecologically Balanced Ecosystem
  8. Monthly Detailed Written Aquatic Management Reports
  9. Complete High-Limit Insurance Coverages, Including General Liability, Automotive, Workman’s Compensation, & Pollution Liability (no Liability Claims in Over 30 Years!)
  10. Free Callback Service Providing Fast Response in Case of Emergency or Problems
  11. Pretreatment Notification upon Request
  12. Annual Water Analysis Test & Report as Needed for the Success of the Program
  13. Annual Fecal Coliform Bacteria Test if Requested at Additional Cost
  14. Assistance with any of Our Optional Services, Such as Gamefish Stocking, Fountain Repairs & Sales, Aeration & Aeration Systems, Aquascaping, Mitigation, Water Clarification, Blue Pond Dye Applications, Mosquito Control, Muck Control, Lake Restoration, Bathymetric Studies, & Much, Much More

Man Spraying Water from BoatThese programs are designed to provide you with clean, healthy, and balanced ponds, which will cost-effectively fulfill their intended beauty, real estate value, recreational value, and drainage functions. Lake owners and managers have been placing the care and nurturing of their lakes and ponds on professional water management programs since 1979, and we invite you to join the growing list of our satisfied customers!

It is our mission to preserve your waterways by using safe and effective treatment methods while offering competitive prices. If you are interested in learning more about our aquatic weed management programs, we encourage you to reach out to our company with any questions you may have. Contact us today at 1 (800) 666-5253 to schedule a free aquatic survey. We serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.