The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Natural & Terrestrial Plant Control

“Weeds” are defined as plants growing in areas where they are not wanted and have required efforts to control them for thousands of years. Weed control has evolved from hand-pulling and cutting with primitive stone tools to today’s use of sophisticated machines and scientifically advanced organic herbicides that are safe and effective. Control of “weeds” is therefore essential to protect natural areas and the many benefits and functions they perform.

Of more than 4,500 plant species that reproduce on their own with no help or assistance from man are almost 1,300 which are considered naturalized nonnative (exotic species). Many of these are considered very invasive. Some of these nonnative invasive species invade natural areas and alter the natural communities by competing with native plants, changing the hydrology and fire ecology, and even hybridizing with native species. Invasive plant species must be controlled in order to maintain – or, in some cases, restore – natural communities in conservation lands and other areas.

The Lake Doctors, Inc. has the specialized equipment, experience, training, and best products available to perform invasive weed control. Additionally, all personnel who participate in this type of activity are required to have a specialized license issued by the state under the category “Natural Areas Weed Management,” which required passing a state exam and including continuing education for maintenance of an active license. A few of the more troublesome weeds and trees that The Lake Doctors, Inc. is involved with controlling are listed below:

  • Air-Potato
  • Cogongrass
  • Kudzu Vines 
  • Japanese Climbing Vine
  • Old World Climbing Vine
  • Melaleuca
  • Brazilian Peppertree
  • Chinese Tallow
  • Tropical Soda Apple
  • Australian Pine