The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Natural & Terrestrial Plant Control

Aquatic weed control is essential for maintaining healthy water ecosystems. “Aquatic weeds,” specifically, refer to invasive plant species that thrive in water bodies where they are not desired, often disrupting local ecosystems. Indeed, we’ve been grappling with weed control for thousands of years, transitioning from labor-intensive methods like hand-pulling and utilizing basic stone tools to modern approaches. Today, we employ highly sophisticated machinery and scientifically advanced organic herbicides. These modern solutions are both safe for the environment and effective in targeting unwanted aquatic vegetation. Consequently, aquatic weed control is vital to safeguarding natural water habitats, ensuring they continue to provide their numerous ecological benefits and functions efficiently.

Aquatic Weed Species

Over 4,500 plant species reproduce independently, and nearly 1,300 of these are naturalized nonnative species. Many of these plants are highly invasive and disrupt natural areas by outcompeting native plants. Consequentially,  hydrology and fire ecology can get altered, and sometimes hybridize with natives. Thus, aquatic weed control is crucial for preserving or restoring natural communities in conservation lands and beyond.

 Specifically, a few of the more troublesome weeds and trees that The Lake Doctors, Inc. is involved with controlling include:
  • Air-Potato
  • Cogongrass
  • Kudzu Vines 
  • Japanese Climbing Vine
  • Old World Climbing Vine
  • Melaleuca
  • Brazilian Peppertree
  • Chinese Tallow
  • Tropical Soda Apple
  • Australian Pine 

The Lake Doctors, Inc. has the specialized equipment, experience, training, and best products available to perform invasive weed control. Additionally, the state requires all personnel participating in this type of activity to hold a specialized license under the category ‘Natural Areas Weed Management.’ This requires passing a state exam and includes continuing education for the maintenance of an active license. 

Choosing The Lake Doctors, Inc. for aquatic weed control is not just a decision for effective management. Ultimately, it’s also a step towards safeguarding our precious natural habitats for future generations.