The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Natural, Non-Herbicide Green Programs

Allow us to be your go-to water treatment specialist! Why? The Lake Doctors, Inc. has always been very environmentally conscious and careful in the care of the ponds and lakes that have been trusted to our care. We’re always working on new, eco-friendly ways to take care of waterways. In addition to our green solutions like aeration/fountains, fish stocking, and live plantings, we also offer the following options, which can also be included in our Annual Management Program:

  • Beneficial Bacteria & Enzymes
  • Pond Dye
  • Physical Removals
Beneficial Bacteria & Enzymes

Bacteria & naturally occurring enzymes are often used to help break down pond sludge and reduce excess nutrients from the water. Consequentially, the reduction of these compounds will help clear the water, reduce odors, and digest unwanted organic compounds. Although these bacterial blends do not directly control algae, they help condition the water, making it cleaner and healthier. As a result, the water becomes less likely to support excessive growth of undesirable algae or ‘pond scum,’ as it is sometimes known. Therefore, for optimal results and expert guidance in managing these processes, consider consulting with us as your local water treatment specialist.

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Pond Dye

Another effective and safe alternative is the use of food-grade blue color in the pond, commonly referred to as Pond Dye. This coloring agent significantly reduces the amount of sunlight that penetrates through the water column in your pond. By limiting sunshine, you inherently limit photosynthesis. In turn, this can lead to the beneficial effect of slowing down the growth of underwater aquatic plants and algae. Additionally, a nice side benefit is that the blue color often enhances the aesthetic appearance of the body of water. This is especially true if the pond or lake has poor water color or clarity.


Our Weedoo can tackle any algae or aquatic weed problem in your waterway. Nimble and effective, the Weedoo offers immediate results with minimal impact. With our various attachments, we can cut, rake, and skim your problems away. We can offer haul off services as needed.