The Lake Doctors, Inc.


BMP & Lake Mapping

Lake mapping is a fundamental tool for understanding and managing aquatic environments effectively, offering a comprehensive overview. It provides detailed insights into the physical and chemical characteristics of lakes and ponds, elements crucial for any thorough management plan. Knowing the precise facts about your lake or pond is essential for proper management and ecological balance. Understanding the exact acreage, depths, and chemistry of your lake are critical factors for making the best decisions for the ecosystem’s health.

Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to properly place structures, deliver appropriate stocking densities, select the most suitable fish species, apply the exact amount of weed control products required, and gain a better understanding of where those elusive bass may be hiding, enhancing the overall fishing experience.


Our lake mapping services offer a variety of applications. These include managing sedimentation and muck, crucial for maintaining water quality and controlling unwanted plant growth. We also specialize in calculating water body volumes, essential for treatment dosing and understanding water dynamics. For recreation, we provide detailed maps that enhance the safety and enjoyment of water-based activities.

Furthermore, in habitat and ecology management, our services help preserve the natural balance of aquatic ecosystems. We identify critical conservation areas and understand the impacts of human activity. Another key aspect is watershed management. Here, we analyze how surrounding land use affects the water body. Our goal is to develop strategies that minimize negative impacts, such as runoff and pollution.

Also, for anglers, our fishing maps are invaluable. They provide insights into underwater topography, helping locate prime fishing spots and understand fish habitats. This not only improves fishing but also aids in maintaining a balanced fish population.

The Lake Doctors, Inc. provides the highest quality and most affordable bathymetric mapping system on the market today.