Fountain Maintenance & Repair

Although it is a relatively simple matter to purchase a new fountain, aerator, or aeration system from the Internet or a local company, it is sometimes an entirely different matter to find a company that can help you with installation, warranty work, or repairs on your equipment. That’s where The Lake Doctors, Inc. comes in. We conduct comprehensive installations, maintenance, and repairs for your pond aerators and fountains.

Not only do we sell a huge variety of fountains, aerators, and bottom-diffuser aeration systems, but we also provide the delivery and installation. We also help you find a local electrician who will provide the required electrical requirements and suggest periodic fountain maintenance and repair programs that protect your warranty while giving you years of additional trouble-free service for your equipment. Our quarterly program includes:

  • Cleaning Exterior of Pump Intake Screens & Fountain Floats
  • Cleaning & Adjustment of Nozzles & Jets as Necessary
  • Cleaning of Light Lens
  • Checking of Anchor Lines
  • Adjustment of Time Clocks & Controls
  • Lamp Replacement Labor during Regularly Scheduled Visits
  • Discount on any Required Parts or Repairs
  • Repositioning in the Lake or Pond if the Fountain has Become Out of Place

Lake & Pond Fountain Repair

Should your fountain or aeration equipment have an issue, The Lake Doctors, Inc. has more than 35 years of experience in troubleshooting and repairs. We are also an authorized factory repair center for several large fountain and aeration manufacturers. Our experienced and licensed fountain technicians attend periodic training schools to keep up with the latest technology.

In fact, all of the Lake Doctors locations have a Fountain Department to assist you with all your fountain needs, whether you’re considering a new unit, periodic maintenance, warranty work, or repairs. For those in colder climates where winter ice can damage fountains, we offer a winter  removal and storage program that includes the following:

  • Removal of Fountain in Late Fall
  • Pressure Cleaning of all Exterior Surfaces
  • Storage in a Protected Warehouse for the Winter
  • Checking & Diagnosis of Fountain before Reinstalling
  • Discount on Repairs that May be Required
  • Fountain Installation into Your Lake or Pond at the Date You have Requested

The Importance of Fountain Repair and Maintenance

Even the best-planned lake fountain pump and aeration systems require care. It is important to check your installation regularly to ensure it is still functioning as designed. Fountains can also contribute to the quality and visual aesthetic of your lake, pond, or waterway. Therefore, monitoring water quality is a priority to prevent the development of algae, stagnant water, and other conditions that might mar the attractiveness and safety of your grounds.

With our company serving as your “lake doctors,” it is easier to manage the health, quality, and appearance of your bodies of water. From pump system maintenance to pond algae identification, our team has the knowledge, skill, and experience to keep your lakes, ponds, and waterways in presentable condition.

Not only do we sell a huge variety of fountains, aerators, and bottom-diffuser aeration systems, but we also provide delivery and installation services. We can help you find a local electrician who will implement wiring and power configurations to coordinate periodic fountain maintenance and repair programs. These initiatives will protect your warranty, providing years of reliable service from your equipment.

Contact us for more information on our fountain maintenance and repair. We serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.