The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Fountain/Aeration Sales and Service

Today’s aquatic managers are making aeration one of the foundations of their lake management programs. Healthy lakes or ponds attract visitors and wildlife while providing a healthy environment for fish. Without oxygen, even a well-maintained lake can suffer from severe algae, odors, mosquito problems, and poor appearance. Increasing the oxygen level enables a natural cleanup process that keeps lakes and ponds beautiful and healthy. We are proud to offer our clients a wide variety of pond aerators and fountains that are sure to fit their needs and budget.

The Lake Doctors, Inc. carries several lines of lake fountains and aeration systems. We will custom-design one to fit your aesthetic and biological requirements while working with your budget. All of our fountains feature high-quality submersible pumps and are specially designed to maintain a constant spray height, even when water levels fluctuate. All of our pond aerator systems feature durable construction of corrosion-resistant materials and pumps chosen for their long-term reliability and multi-year guarantees from the manufacturer. Many options are available, including spray heights from 2′ to 100′,  RGB LED lighting, Bluetooth integration and music syncing. Some of our featured suppliers:

  • AirMax 
  • Aqua Master
  • Aqua Control 
  • Kasco Fountains & Aeration
  • Otterbine
  • PentAir Ecosystems
  • Scott Aerator 
  • Vertex

Another beneficial and cost-effective method of improving your lake or pond is the installation of a type of aeration system called bottom diffused systems. A shoreline air compressor in a cabinet pumps air to a diffuser mounted on the bottom of the lake or pond. Pumps and diffusers break up the air into millions of tiny bubbles that rise towards to surface, adding life-giving oxygen to the water while bringing low-oxygen water to the surface, where it picks up oxygen and creates a large, slow-moving circulation pattern in the pond or lake. The result is healthier fish, reduced algae growth, fewer dissolved toxic gases, less odor, and the elimination of stagnation.