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water snakeYour pond may be part of a thriving ecosystem. As a water source, your pond is attractive to many wildlife species. Each species plays an important role in maintaining the balance of the local environment. Of course, this means you are likely to encounter some perhaps less-than-welcome animals as well. When you find snakes around your pond, you may be alarmed. But there are pond management strategies you can implement to help you control their presence.

The first thing to remember about snakes is that you are much more likely to come across a non-venomous than venomous species. Common species in North America, such as northern water snakes, black rat snakes, garter snakes, and corn snakes, may seem creepy to some people. But they are harmless to humans, and they feed on other animals such as mice.

If you aren’t very familiar with snakes, it’s best to err on the side of caution – do not approach or provoke the snake. On the other hand, if you have identified a venomous snake, contact a professional wildlife control company.

As far as managing snakes around your pond, there are several varieties of plants you can use. Some species of plant repel snakes because of their scent or deter them because of their appearance. By surrounding sections of land with these plants, you can help ensure that snakes stay away from that immediate area. Pink agapanthus, lemongrass, marigolds, sarpagandha, wormwood, and mother-in-law’s tongue are said to be effective in keeping away snakes.

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