The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Is your body of water having reoccurring algae problems that algaecide treatments just can’t seem to fix? Your answer might just be the installation of a device called a pond circulator. A pond circulator is a  simple tool where a propeller is attached to a motor and can either be mounted horizontally under a surface float or to a dock or any other hard surface or object. Providing multiple benefits, a circulator  will keep your pond or lake mixed, reducing algae and other unsightly weeds and biological contents. Circulators can also be used to push trash and sludge to the shore for easy clean-up and will greatly improve the health and vitality of  your water.

Case Study 

We’d like to share a recent success story from one of our accounts on Sanibel Island, in which the installation of a simple circulator  helped restore water quality and drastically improve the appearance of the pond.

One of the smaller ponds on the property was having reoccurring algae issues and had been having ongoing problems for quite some time. Our team used multiple algaecide treatments and even tried other preventative methods including; muck digestor pellets, beneficial bacteria, and pond dye. We even performed a physical removal of algae which helped temporarily but the algae soon returned. Each and every pond is comprised of their own unique characteristics and require different treatment plans. After further evaluation, we installed a pond circulator and within days the algae started to clear. Since the installation, the pond has maintained a healthy balance and treatment is only required 3 times per year. Our customer could not be happier with the results and thus have installed fountains and aeration systems in the rest of the account’s lakes and ponds.