Pond Maintenance

Why You Should Choose Professional Pond and Lake Management

Lakes and ponds are excellent features for your property, and keeping them in top condition is key to maximizing their value. It’s the core of what our company offers at The Lake Doctors, Inc. In this blog post; we’ll discuss why you should work with a professional lake management team.


A team that provides lake and pond management has the skills to help with many different aspects of your water feature. Sediment and nutrient overload are two consistent problems that affect these bodies of water. Companies that provide pond maintenance can ensure water quality stays consistent by preventing the introduction of sediments and excessive amounts of nutrients. This process includes safe and effective vegetation control by using natural plants and grasses to stabilize the shoreline and filter runoff.


The company you choose to look after your water features should use EPA-approved chemicals for pest and weed control. These products will be safe for your property. Once your lake is well-maintained, keeping it that way is essential. A pond management company can help you by creating and implementing an environmentally sustainable long-term plan.


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The Importance of Regular Pond Maintenance & Cleaning

A sparkling pond in your backyard is the perfect way to invite birds and wildlife into your outdoor space. You will enjoy knowing you are supporting nature with fresh water and plants that will create a miniature ecosystem. However, keeping that biosphere healthy is critical.


While Florida pond maintenance can take a little effort, the results make it well worth it. Whether you decide to handle the work yourself or hire a pond management company, the local flora and fauna will appreciate the time you took to design a small ecological haven.


Routine Cleaning


Regular pond maintenance will include cleaning the filters and pump, removing debris from the surface and the bottom of the pond, and scrubbing waterfalls and fountains. It is also important to clean up and remove any dead foliage.


While ponds are beautiful additions to your landscaping, they can also be a lot of work. Enjoy the benefits of their beauty without the hassle when you talk to The Lake Doctors, Inc. in the Florida Panhandle.