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Benefits of Adding Triploid Grass Carp

Stocking triploid grass carp in your pond can offer several benefits, including: Vegetation Control: Triploid grass carp are voracious herbivores that primarily feed on aquatic vegetation. Stocking them can help control the growth of unwanted weeds and plants in your pond, ensuring a healthier ecosystem and preventing overgrowth that can hinder recreational activities like fishing […]

Stormwater Ponds – The Homeowner’s Role

As homeowners, you play an important role in the overall health and function of the stormwater ponds in your community. While many homeowners purchased “lake front” property, the reality is that these are stormwater ponds which have a purpose. Here we will discuss what a stormwater pond is, its purpose and what your role is […]

3 Reasons Why You May Have a Green Pond

Your pond is a sanctuary, but sometimes it may turn into a dark color and seem less peaceful. Green pond water is a common and recurring problem, especially when the ecosystem has become unbalanced. But there are a few main reasons that cause this issue, including:      Algae—This may be one of the most common […]

Signs You Need Aquatic Weed Control

Plants and algae are important sources of food and shelter for fish. But if you let them grow out of control, they can cause problems to the aquatic ecosystem. Keep an eye out for these signs that you need aquatic weed control in Florida so that you can take action quickly.       Visibly Excessive Amount […]