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3 Reasons Why You May Have a Green Pond

Your pond is a sanctuary, but sometimes it may turn into a dark color and seem less peaceful. Green pond water is a common and recurring problem, especially when the ecosystem has become unbalanced. But there are a few main reasons that cause this issue, including:      Algae—This may be one of the most common […]

Signs You Need Aquatic Weed Control

Plants and algae are important sources of food and shelter for fish. But if you let them grow out of control, they can cause problems to the aquatic ecosystem. Keep an eye out for these signs that you need aquatic weed control in Florida so that you can take action quickly.       Visibly Excessive Amount […]

Aeration’s Role in Pond Management

The key to keeping the ecosystem of a pond healthy is aeration. An essential tool in lake and pond management, aeration systems installation in Florida moves water from below the surface up to the surface in mass volume. If your pond doesn’t have an adequate aeration system installed, you will inevitably run into problems, including […]

Managing Lakes and Pond with Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Solutions

When it comes to maintaining the natural beauty of your lake or pond, natural solutions are often the best approach. There are many eco-friendly lake management services that make it easy to prevent and control nuisance vegetation and pests so that the water stays clear, healthy, and attractive. These sustainable strategies are not only environmentally […]

Understanding Pond Bacteria and Enzymes

Bacteria have a bad reputation, but they play an important role in maintaining the health and beauty of a pond. Likewise, enzymes are essential for keeping ponds in balance. Read on to learn more about these natural organisms’ roles in helping your body of water look its best—and how your property can benefit from bacteria […]

Florida Pond Maintenance Tips: Natural Weed Control

Summer is a prosperous season for aquatic weeds, which can cause headaches for anyone trying to keep their lake or pond a beautiful, blue hue. Here at The Lake Doctors, Inc., we recommend following these weed control tips for easier pond maintenance in Florida.   Plant Trees Around Your Water Body Weeds need warm temperatures, […]

Why You Should Choose Professional Pond and Lake Management

Lakes and ponds are excellent features for your property, and keeping them in top condition is key to maximizing their value. It’s the core of what our company offers at The Lake Doctors, Inc. In this blog post; we’ll discuss why you should work with a professional lake management team.   A team that provides […]

The Benefits of Fountains and Aeration Systems

Water features add a lot to your property, and beyond their sheer attractiveness, there are many other benefits to having fountains and aeration systems. The Lake Doctors, Inc. specializes in pond maintenance in Florida and will use this blog post to discuss those benefits.   The very first thing we want to point out is […]

The Importance of Regular Pond Maintenance & Cleaning

A sparkling pond in your backyard is the perfect way to invite birds and wildlife into your outdoor space. You will enjoy knowing you are supporting nature with fresh water and plants that will create a miniature ecosystem. However, keeping that biosphere healthy is critical.   While Florida pond maintenance can take a little effort, […]