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The Benefits of Fountains and Aeration Systems

Water features add a lot to your property, and beyond their sheer attractiveness, there are many other benefits to having fountains and aeration systems. The Lake Doctors, Inc. specializes in pond maintenance in Florida and will use this blog post to discuss those benefits.


The very first thing we want to point out is that ponds, fountains, streams, and waterfalls do much more than elevate the aesthetic impression your property delivers. It is well known that water has a relaxing impact on people. If you think about the peace, you feel when sitting lakeside or at the beach, you will see the veracity in this statement; when you add extra features such as lights and variable spray patterns to your fountain, the appeal increases.


Pond fountain installation and aeration systems elevate the quality and your enjoyment of your water features in many ways, including:

  • Maintaining lake and pond health
  • Creating a healthy environment for aquatic life
  • Improving and stabilizing water clarity
  • Reducing or eliminating unpleasant water odors
  • Minimizing organic sediment accumulation
  • Combating algae blooms


The Lake Doctors, Inc. are always happy to discuss this topic, so contact us with any questions.

The Importance of Regular Pond Maintenance & Cleaning

A sparkling pond in your backyard is the perfect way to invite birds and wildlife into your outdoor space. You will enjoy knowing you are supporting nature with fresh water and plants that will create a miniature ecosystem. However, keeping that biosphere healthy is critical.


While Florida pond maintenance can take a little effort, the results make it well worth it. Whether you decide to handle the work yourself or hire a pond management company, the local flora and fauna will appreciate the time you took to design a small ecological haven.


Routine Cleaning


Regular pond maintenance will include cleaning the filters and pump, removing debris from the surface and the bottom of the pond, and scrubbing waterfalls and fountains. It is also important to clean up and remove any dead foliage.


While ponds are beautiful additions to your landscaping, they can also be a lot of work. Enjoy the benefits of their beauty without the hassle when you talk to The Lake Doctors, Inc. in the Florida Panhandle.

5 Key Reasons to Use a Lake or Pond Aeration System

Keeping your pond or lake healthy is the first step in protecting the longevity of your water feature. A body of water that enjoys proper lake and pond management can look forward to supporting a wide range of plant, insect, and animal life. One of the best ways to set your pond or lake up for a bright future is to supply it with appropriate aeration systems.


The Right System


Aeration systems installation in Florida isn’t as simple as plugging in a fountain and hoping for the best. You need the guidance of a professional to choose the right equipment to maintain the correct balance within the system. There are several reasons to consider contacting Lake Doctors in the Florida Panhandle:


1 – Reduce and eliminate water quality issues that lead to pond algae blooms. Aeration can also improve clarity and reduce foul odors.


2 – Pond aerators and fountains are visually pleasing and can create interesting patterns.


3 – Mosquitoes love shallow, stagnant water, but aeration discourages their habits by providing continuous circulation.


4 – Aeration increases the oxygenation of the water, which encourages a healthier habitat for fish, insects, birds, and plants.


5 – Beneficial aerobic bacteria thrive on diffused oxygen; they break down organic matter and consume excess nutrients, which reduces organic sediment.


If you start with the right equipment and a company that knows how to keep your pond or lake healthy, you can look forward to years of beautiful water features.