The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Annual Management Program

The Lake Doctors, Inc. will visit any lake, pond, or other waterway to perform a detailed aquatic survey and determine any problems or potential issues. Our lake management specialists will then formulate a prescription that includes practical solutions based upon the needs of our customers and the intended use of the pond or lake.

Our survey will include the types of weeds and algae and their severity, any desirable or beneficial aquatic plants, the size and depth of the waterway, water clarity and color, water flow and source of water (springs, runoff, or impoundment), fish and wildlife present, any current aeration or fountains, water chemistry, oxygen levels, bottom composition, presence of debris or trash, and current (and intended) uses of the lake or pond. From these and other factors, we can suggest the best possible long-term program.

In most cases, our programs for your lake or pond will include the following:

  1. Monthly or Bi-Monthly Water Inspections & Treatments as Necessary for Control & Prevention of Noxious Aquatic Weeds & Algae
  2. Assistance with Permitting for the Stocking of the Weed-Eating Triploid Grass Carp as desired 
  3. The use of the latest aquatic technology & highly specialized equipment, helping us deliver sustainable results 
  4. The Use of EPA-approved herbicides & algaecides in strict compliance with State & Federal Guidelines, that are effective, safe for the environment & wildlife
  5. Preservation & Nurturing of Beneficial Native Aquatic Plants to create & maintain an ecologically balanced ecosystem
  6. Monthly detailed Aquatic Management Reports
  7. Annual Testing & Reporting as needed for water quality 
  8. Free Callback Service providing fast response in case of emergency or problems
  9. Pretreatment Notification upon request
  10. Assistance with any of our other services, such as Fountain/Aeration Sales and Service, Water Clarification & Turbidity Control, Midge Control, Natural & Terrestrial Plant Control, Fish Stocking, Shoreline Restoration, BMP & Lake Mapping, Natural, Non-Herbicide Green Programs and more 
  11. Note that these services will be provided by State-Certified, Experienced, & Highly Trained Technicians with Complete High-Limit Insurance Coverages, Including General Liability, Automotive, Workman’s Compensation, & Pollution Liability.