The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Algae & Aquatic Weed Control

When aquatic weeds are left to grow uncontrolled, they can produce issues such as interference with fishing and other watersports, lower dissolved oxygen levels, intrusion with water flow, harm fish and other wildlife, and even disrupt boat traffic. 

Warm weather, imported weed species, and high nutrient levels in most lakes, ponds, and waterways only add to the problem. Fortunately, The Lake Doctors, Inc. is here to offer effective lake algae control services. We specialize in keeping your lake, pond, or waterway in excellent condition all year round with our aquatic weed management programs. By using top-quality materials, specialized equipment, and innovative techniques, we provide an effective cure for waterway ills without affecting fish, wildlife, or desirable weed species.

Our annual water management program is designed to cure existing problems (usually within one to three months) and prevent unhealthy and unsightly weed and algae growth in the future.