The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Your pond is a sanctuary, but sometimes it may turn into a dark color and seem less peaceful. Green pond water is a common and recurring problem, especially when the ecosystem has become unbalanced. But there are a few main reasons that cause this issue, including:   


Algae—This may be one of the most common issues that green pond management services  encounter. Usually, a thin layer of algae is a sign of a healthy pond and part of its ecosystem’s food chain. But an excess called “bloom” may cause it to change color, creating unpleasant odors and releasing harmful toxins.  


Fish Food and Waste—Even though they add life, fish may be a factor in your green pond. The leftover food decomposes, feeding the bacteria. Also, more fish in the pond may produce more fecal waste, forming nutrients that cause green water. Aquatic management services have noticed that adding the correct quantity of fish to your water prevents an overload of waste, reducing the risk of algae growth. 


Sunlight—The sun causes photosynthesis for organisms living in your pond, including bacteria. The direct sunlight allows it to grow, turning your water green quickly. Adding some plants that provide shade may keep the sunshine away from the algae and bacteria in your pond.