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Preventing Invasive Species in Your Lakes and Ponds

How do natural waterways end up being affected by invasive species? It’s mainly caused, albeit unintentionally, by traveling humans. As we go from one place to another, we may accidentally carry small organisms onto a boat, plane, or train, where they’re later released onto new, foreign grounds. You can see the results in native bodies […]

Midge Management Tips

There are many benefits to having a lake on your property; its beauty can create a lovely, natural aesthetic. However, proper lake management services are a must for the biodiversity that exists all around the lake’s edges, on its surface, and throughout its depths. When the summer season arrives, the warmth and damp environment promote […]

About Sargassum

Nothing ruins a trip to the beach like having to navigate through piles of rotting seaweed to get to the water. It’s also a challenge to have in ponds and lakes, as it clogs and chokes up these small bodies of water, which creates the need for aquatic weed control. What Is It? Sargassum is […]

Aeration Systems Improve the Health of Your Lake

If your housing development has a large pond or lake, you may be wondering how adding aeration systems may improve the health of the lake. By adding one of the many lake aeration systems available on the market, a lake’s physical, chemical, and biological health area all improved. Stratification and Temperature Adding aeration systems allows […]