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Proper Lake Management Keeps Your Resort Lakes Looking Beautiful

Proper lake management is the secret to healthy, sparkling, and beautiful water features at your resort. Let’s face it; when it comes to upscale resorts, every detail matters. Your guests expect more than perfectly manicured golf courses. Every lake and pond on your property speaks volumes about the care and attention you give to your […]

Keep Oxygen Levels Up in Your Lake with the Right Aeration System

The primary purpose of aeration in pond and lake management is to increase the oxygen levels in the water. There are different methods for doing this, including injecting air, mechanically mixing or agitating the water, or even injecting pure oxygen. Destratification is a type of circulation that thoroughly mixes the water layers of different temperatures […]

The Four Main Types of Pond Weeds

It can be challenging to keep your pond weeds under control. You will first need to identify which specific weed is your main nuisance plant, as you wouldn’t want to start the wrong type of treatment. Additionally, some pond plants are beneficial to local and migratory wildlife. When it comes to aquatic weed control, pond […]

Why Use Aerators and Fountains for Ponds and Lakes

Adding air to a pond has a hugely positive impact on the ecosystem. It circulates water, disrupts mosquito breeding, adds oxygen for fish and other critters, and it helps prevent algae and other weeds. Aeration is by far the best value for money in terms of good pond health. Aeration can come in many forms: […]

Keep the Pond in Your HOA Community Free of Weeds

When they overgrow, pond weeds can become unsightly and stunt fish growth.  Pond weeds usually start by someone adding plants to the pond, but they are then not managed and get out of control. Here are a few possible methods to address weed control for lakes and ponds. Many chemical options have warning labels, which […]