The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Lake Management & Water Testing

Whether you notice algae developing in your water or simply want to keep tabs on your water’s chemical balance, The Lake Doctors, Inc. is able to help. When you use our water testing services on a regular basis, you’ll be alerted as soon as harmful bacteria are detected in your water and able to avoid […]

Campus Aquatic Management Services

A pond, fountain, or water feature is an eye-catching addition to any campus, and many schools are using them to make an impact on prospective students visiting the campus. Of course, if the water feature isn’t properly cared for, the water can become unsightly, creating more of a liability than an asset in attracting new […]

Pond Management Made Easy

A water feature is a great way to give any property a sense of tranquility while still grabbing the eye and increasing value. However, if you do not take care of the water itself, your pond will eventually become a source of blight more than beauty. At The Lake Doctors, Inc., our pond management services […]

Keep the Ponds on Your Golf Course in Great Shape

Golf is just as much a spectator sport as it is a test of wits and endurance. As a course owner, you know that appearances are pivotal in order to attract customers and keep them coming back to challenge the links. One way you can enhance your landscaping strategy is to make your water elements […]

Cleaning Pond Aerators and Fountains for Free

Managing ponds, fountains, and other water features can require a great deal of diligence, but with The Lake Doctors, Inc., it couldn’t be easier. Not only do we complete every job with an unmatched attention to detail, but we do everything in our power to keep this quality work affordable for our clients. In fact, […]

Consider an Aeration Pump for Your Lakeside Property

Owning a house or plot of land with a lake presents many new opportunities. You will have the option of creating an aesthetic koi pond, personal fishing spot, or an aquatic garden. While the ideas are new and fresh in your head, it is also important to consider the health of the lake. In this […]