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Beneficial Pond Species in Florida

Having a water feature, such as a pond, on your property, adds a lot to it. It provides great aesthetic value, and the sound of gently lapping water helps to soothe the soul.

This scenic and calming presence comes with a cost as it has to be maintained so it remains a clean and fresh oasis. Without proper pond management from a company like ours at Lake Doctors, you could someday be looking at a dank and murky body of water that’s more fearsome than attractive. You want a mixture of plant and wildlife species to create and maintain a healthy environment.

Aquascaping is the planting of vegetation around the pond’s edge. It should be a narrow fringe that doesn’t block access, but wide enough to prevent lakeside erosion, and provide cover for small creatures such as frogs.

A good mixture of plants includes those that are submerged, ones that have stems below the water and leaves above, as well as shoreline plants that can tolerate occasional flooding. Think about using white water lily, pondweed, spike rush, and pickerelweed, as part of your pond management plan. Remember, though, that exotic plant species are prohibited by law.

Don’t remove non-venomous water snakes because they feed on rats and mice. Turtles mainly eat vegetation and dead animals, so they are also welcome additions to a pond. Triploid grass carp are effective at controlling problem vegetation but you need a permit to stock them.

Learn more about effective pond management when you reach out to our experts.

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Get a Free Aquatic Survey before Starting an Aquatic Weed Control Plan

You wouldn’t expect a doctor to be able to treat you successfully without first giving you a check-up. The same principle goes for maintaining the health of any ponds or lakes on your property as well. If you are going to be able to treat any problems successfully—or prevent them from happening—you need to know more about the existing habitat and any regular changes that occur within it.

The best way to do that is with an aquatic survey—a free service from The Lake Doctor, Inc. Much like the doctor’s check-up, this survey gives specialists a chance to learn more about your body of water. This knowledge then directly impacts the type of aquatic weed control you might receive.

By determining the broad changes to native plant species composition and detecting nuisance species, these specialists can then create an effective aquatic weed control plan that delivers impressive results while remaining minimally invasive and affordable.

Never start developing an aquatic weed control plan if you don’t have an aquatic survey performed. If you do, you might find yourself harming the delicate ecosystem of your lake or pond, which can sometimes make things even worse than with the invasive algae and weeds.

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Tips for Choosing the Proper Aeration System for Your Pond

Clean water is H2O rich with oxygen that improves the water quality in your pond. Sometimes, nature needs a little help in producing an appealing and healthy body of water that’s ideal for fishing. One of the most important things you can do for your pond is to provide it with aeration systems.

These systems add oxygen that fights off many of the problems seen in a sadly neglected pond. Such systems add beauty and functionality, as this involves putting in a fountain. A fountain adds oxygen by swirling water around and into the air, enhancing quality and doing so much more. The benefits include:

  • Better Water Quality
  • Controlled Algae Growth
  • Improved Fish Habitat
  • Fewer Mosquitoes
  • Reduced Build-Up of Bottom Sediment

Selecting a Name That’s Synonymous with Success

With all of the benefits of aeration systems, it’s essential to choose a practical and durable fountain. Look to a company that has a proven track record and expertise in keeping ponds balanced and healthy. We recommend AquaMaster, a company that engineers, manufactures, and distributes high-quality fountains and aeration systems for ponds. This company carries various fountains that do the job and even add enhancements, such as lights.