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Aquatic Weed Removal to Keep Your Pond Healthy

aquatic weed removalDoes your pond, lake, or other water feature look a bit overgrown with cattails, weeds, or other undesirable aquatic plants? Whether they’re interfering with dock or shore use or they’re simply an eyesore, aquatic weeds can be a serious hassle to remove on your own. When it comes to keeping your lake or pond looking clean and attractive as well as ensuring its long-term health and positive environmental impact, professional aquatic weed removal is an important part of your maintenance schedule. If you have a pond or lake of any size, it’s important to enlist the assistance of our professional weed removal company to ensure that all weeds and unwanted aquatic plants are fully removed each session. With regular plant removal, your body of water will look and function great year-round.

Types of Weeds and Debris Removed from Ponds and Lakes

The most common plant removed from ponds and lakes in the area is cattails. When left to their own devices, cattails have the potential to completely take over a pond or lake’s shoreline, docks, or other areas. By leaving the aquatic weed removal to a professional, you’re able to enjoy your pond the way you want. Other types of weeds and plants removed include:

  • Torpedo Grass
  • Water Lettuce
  • Duckweed
  • Watermeal
  • Spatterdock
  • Muskgrass
  • Pondweed
  • Hydrilla

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Lake Doctors Recognized as One of Top Three Distributors for AquaMaster Fountains

The Lake Doctors, Inc. is proud to be recognized as one of the top 3 fountain distributors in the United States for AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators, one of the industry leaders for quality & dependable fountains and aerators. As an AquaMaster partner for many years, The Lake Doctors continues to focus on building long-term client relationships by offering installation, repair and maintenance of the highest quality fountains and aeration systems available.

In our environmentally conscious times, today’s aquatic managers are making fountains and aeration, one of the foundations of their water management programs. Healthy lakes or ponds attracts visitors and wildlife while providing a healthy environment for fish. Without oxygen, even a well-maintained lake can suffer from severe algae, unpleasant odors, mosquito problems, and poor appearance. Increasing the oxygen levels enable a natural clean-up process that keep lakes and ponds beautiful and healthy.

During our Annual Sales Meeting last month, we had the pleasure of hosting Bill Morgan with AquaMaster as he recognized our team for outstanding sales and service achievements in 2017 with this commendable award.

Another highlight for The Lake Doctors this year is our inclusion in the 2018 AquaMaster Annual Calendar, showcasing captivating images of different fountain projects submitted by industry professionals. You can find one of our Clearwater FL fountain projects as the March feature of the 2018 calendar of two Etna Volcano fountains.

Water Quality Testing

lake fountain pumpAs an effort to keep your lakes and ponds healthy, it is essential to invest in our water management programs to ensure the safety of your water. We provide comprehensive water quality testing that includes water chemistry to determine many factors that could be impacting your waters negatively. See below to learn some of the items we commonly test.

  • Dissolved Oxygen- Levels of dissolved gas should not exceed certain levels to avoid harm to your aquatic life. This test measures your water’s ability to cultivate plants and animals.
  • Temperature- Understanding your water’s temperature can determine what could be causing certain aquatic problems. Temperature is a significant part of a lake’s ecosystem.
  • Clarity- When we check the clarity of your water, we are determining the transparency of the water. Turbidity measures the clarity of the water.
  • Color- Testing the color of the water can help us determine what type of living and organic matter is in your lakes and ponds.
  • Phosphate- We test for phosphates in the water because they are needed for proper growth.
  • Nitrates- Nitrogen is a necessity for lakes and ponds because it helps increase plant growth and controls eutrophication.

There are many other items we test for during your detailed water quality testing. Contact us today at 1 (800) 666-5253 to discuss more in-depth about our water testing services and to learn more about our lake fountain pump.

Benefits to Fish Stocking

lake and pond managementAt Lake Doctors, we utilize the practice of fish stocking for many aquatic reasons while we perform our lake and pond management services. Fish stocking is the raising of fish in a controlled area, such as an incubator, to release them into waterways, such as lakes and ponds, to help populate the existing body of water. Below we list the many benefits to fish stocking.

  • Environmentally Balanced

Ensuring your body of water contains a diverse population of fish is an integral part of creating an environmentally balanced lake and pond. It is important to consider what fish are native to your area and will provide appropriate benefits to your lakes. Our comprehensive aquatic services can help identify your specific needs.

  • Help Maintain Weed Problems

Lakes that suffer from problematic weeds can benefit significantly from an integrated aquatic management program that combines herbicide application and fish stocking to help eliminate harmful weeds. Stocking your lakes and ponds with Triploid Grass Carp is a great way to naturally remove specific weed problems.

  • Recreational Use

For the fisherman in all of us, stocking your bodies of water with fish is a great way to ensure you catch something! The Sunshine Bass is a great fish to have in your lakes for a large catch that is sure to impress your friends.

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