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Aquatic Weed Removal to Keep Your Pond Healthy

Does your pond, lake, or other water feature look a bit overgrown with cattails, weeds, or other undesirable aquatic plants? Whether they’re interfering with dock or shore use or they’re simply an eyesore, aquatic weeds can be a serious hassle to remove on your own. When it comes to keeping your lake or pond looking […]

Lake Doctors Recognized as One of Top Three Distributors for AquaMaster Fountains

The Lake Doctors, Inc. is proud to be recognized as one of the top 3 fountain distributors in the United States for AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators, one of the industry leaders for quality & dependable fountains and aerators. As an AquaMaster partner for many years, The Lake Doctors continues to focus on building long-term client relationships by offering […]

Water Quality Testing

As an effort to keep your lakes and ponds healthy, it is essential to invest in our water management programs to ensure the safety of your water. We provide comprehensive water quality testing that includes water chemistry to determine many factors that could be impacting your waters negatively. See below to learn some of the […]

Benefits to Fish Stocking

At Lake Doctors, we utilize the practice of fish stocking for many aquatic reasons while we perform our lake and pond management services. Fish stocking is the raising of fish in a controlled area, such as an incubator, to release them into waterways, such as lakes and ponds, to help populate the existing body of […]